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play on words (3.45)
music and lyrics by: eric knight
taken from the album | near life experience

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 you never said you wanted to be with me
i know you really wanted to
it's just a matter of who you ask here anyway
we first made contact conversing in the living room
at the soiree your friends threw
you were so damn shy
those first impressions i had of you

once i was alone
did you come around
did you come my way
well i know this time
maybe your mine
you'll see what i'm saying

just a little game you're playing
it's just a little play on words
it's just a matter of who you're asking anyway

i ask you out you say maybe tomorrow
tomorrow's here - "some other day"
i'm getting tired of all this crap
this is getting lame
well i don't know what is wrong
don't know what is right with this love
well i tell you something it doesn't matter anyway

it's just a little game you're playing
it's just another play on words
i'm catching on to just what you're trying to do to me
you act if i'm like your little puppy
you snap your fingers and there i'll be
someday you're gonna make a great story
now that you're alone
you're crying on the phone
beg me to your home
well you know this time
i've made up my mind

copyright © 1998 eric knight. one vs. the world music BMI