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P.O.V. (POINT OF VIEW) (3:54)
music & lyrics by: eric knight
taken from the album | near life experience

you look in the mirror
like your a work of art
are you so naive
could it be true
you ask people this
and you ask people that
they give you their answers
there's no turning back
the word around town is
that your cruel

are you scared about them
well I'd be kind of too
are you scared about them
well I'd be kind of too
well it's just your opinion
and that's my point of view

you never told me
that your leaving town
your gonna just pick up and leave
your troubles behind
why are you letting it
get to you now
instead of running
you should stay around
and show them what your made of
your bulletproof

there all around you
there everywhere
you can't escape those
feelings of hurt and despair
can you take it
you dish it out
you beg and hope
and pray for you'll
never have to see them again

copyright © 1998 eric knight. one vs. the world music BMI