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funk it (3:38)
music by: eric knight and david poole
lyrics by: eric knight
taken from the album | near life experience


searching inside into those eyes
seeing right through your disguise
you see i'm not hiding myself
looking back with no regrets
to forgive is to forget
you see i'm not forgiving that way

all this time you were leading me on
was he nice slow, calm, did you have fun
i tell you what
he's gonna hang you out to dry
my watch is set by it, it's a matter of time
before reality starts settling in
was it on purpose or is it in vein
you got no one to drive insane
apologies are not accepted, here

i don't wanna tell you how i feel
society might render me feared

funk it

times up it's out in the air
you got no love just a tiny affair
you feel cheated, a little mistreated
well how does it look and feel on you now
to get the cold shoulder, your the talk of the town
analogies are not accepted here

i don't wanna send you back in tears
my conscious is evading the thrill

copyright © 1998 eric knight. one vs. the world music BMI david poole music BMI