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the oblivious one (3:31)
music by: eric knight & david poole
lyrics by: eric knight
taken from the album | fractured fairy tales

 Fractured Fairy Tales 200x200

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all this time thinking about what you said
the sound of your voice sounds so sincere
leave it to me to be the oblivious one
and stumble upon your darkest fears

cause i know all about your truths
all those lies you kept from me
give you a chance try to make it work
maybe some things will never change
well i know i have the proof
all those guys you tucked away
give me a chance to uncover them all
where there's a will there's a way

stupidity sets in rapidly
my tolerance weakens gradually
leave it to me to be the fearless one
and separate from this permanetly

copyright © 2002 eric knight. one vs. the world music BMI david poole music BMI