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silly love song (4:09)
music by: eric knight & david poole
lyrics by: eric knight
taken from the album | fractured fairy tales

 Fractured Fairy Tales 200x200

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i don't mind as i sit here all alone
patience is my virture you know
there's always love on the phone
contempt and frustrated will someone
please throw this dog a bone
feeling like the world
has conspired on me even better

i don't mind
i don't mind
this silly love song

peeling the petals of love
as my life just slips away
feeling like the weight of the world
is on my shoulders every day
confusing conversations
there all just revelations
of what's to come
i'd rather be sad and alone
then with someone i call my own

i don't mind
i don't mind
this silly love song
silly little love songs
they hurt you every time

copyright © 2002 eric knight. one vs. the world music BMI. david poole music BMI