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settled (5:26)
music & lyrics by: eric knight
taken from the album | fractured fairy tales


you said you loved me
said we would always be one
now you don't want me
knowing i've done nothing wrong
what happened to thee
didn't i forfill all your thoughts
of what a man should be
how could this all just fall apart
you made me believe in you
after all we had been through you know
you gave me hope and now it's gone

was it a lie
i should of known
could you contrive
and emptied out my soul

i saw you with him
didn't he hurt you once before
well that's what your friend said
you didn't look so happy
like i'm sure we would of been instead
i guess you just settled for the safe thing

i don't know why
it's gonna end this way
i wanna die
and just put this hurt away

you settled for the safe thing

copyright © 2002 eric knight. one vs. the world music BMI