The following projects and ventures below are projects that I have either been involved in creating or co-creating with others. I am really excited for what the future holds for each of them, and I look forward to sharing them with each and every one of you. Much love and respect. Eric

Disciples Of Babylon™

Is an International rock band based in Hollywood, California. The lineup consists of vocalist & rhythm guitarist Eric Knight, lead guitarist Ramon Blanco , bassist Gui Bodi and drummer Chris Toeller. Individually they have released several national releases amongst them. Some opening for some of the biggest bands in the world such as: Aerosmith, KISS, The Dave Matthews Band and Kid Rock. They each have toured extensively throughout the US and overseas performing at such festivals as the Warped Tour. The band has released two critically acclaimed releases, "Welcome To Babylon" and their newest release, "The Rise and Fall of Babylon". The Disciples are coming.

MUBUTV™ | Music Business Television

Is a new online music industry news themed and original content network that examines several areas of today’s music industry, including: A&R, music supervision, legal affairs, marketing & branding, publicity and record production among others. The ultimate goal and objective of MUBUTV™ is to educate, empower and enlighten the musician and industry professional of the twenty first century.

Persistent Management™

Persistent Management™ is a full service artist management company. Launched in the spring of 2008 our artist and creative roster includes, singer songwriters Blake Nix & Eric Knight, feature film and television Director/Producer Keith L. Shaw and our latest addition hard rock act the Disciples Of Babylon.

Symbiotic Nation™

We believe that a massive globally-interconnected infrastructure composed of creative talent, forward thinking visionaries and strategic partnerships, will have the ability to change the "Entertainment Industry" as we know it today by exchanging ideas and reacting to changes in real time.   We also believe, that this formidable "Superstructure" would gain and maintain power & mass influence that will completely replace the existing industry with a new open source business model.