Eric Knight | Artist Biography

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The story begins a vision to conquer the world, well the musical world that is. Eric Knight began singing and performing at the age of 6 and writing since age 13. Since that time one of his ultimate goals has always been to write great songs, period. "I've always believed in if it’s a great song, it’s a great song no matter what group or person sings it.”

1998: Enter Near Life Experience. Debuting in the fall of 1998 this 10-song debut effort features Eric singing songs about life, love and hope hence the title. "I wanted a title that was profound in many ways, and that was a direct reflection of what has been going on in my life the past couple of years. The title also represents a continual search to find myself in this life, and what this life means. Musically speaking this is only the beginning of where I'm going." Eric not only wrote and arranged all of the tracks on Near Life Experience; he also co-produced the album with the recording talents of Keith Rose (Aerosmith, R.E.M., Soul Asylum). The album went on to spawn the first single and video for Play On Words which received substantial airplay on such video networks as MTV2, MTV Latino, the Box & IMNTV, while also garnering favorable press and reviews in such publications as: Billboard, Album Network and the New Times.

1999: Finds Eric touring heavily in support of Near Life Experience mixing it up with T.V. Appearances, record in-store appearances and culminating with an opening slot for the Dave Matthews Band. Eric was also involved on an educational tour playing for over 20 high schools in South Florida. Billed as Music Business 101 Eric performed and spoke on the music industry and the different types of careers for students interested in pursuing a career in the music industry, it was a tremendous success "Ive always wanted to do something like that for so long, and it finally became a reality." Says the singer. "Its great to be able to encourage and talk to students about their career goals, especially if its about the music industry."

2000: A new millennium. Eric again would enter the studio to record a track for an upcoming Def Leppard tribute album entitled Tributized. Released in April of that year, the album ended up being officially endorsed by Def Leppard themselves. Also in the month of April one of Eric’s biggest personal accomplishments to date, opening up for childhood heroes KISS on their Farewell Tour. “It was an incredible experience, something that I’ve always dreamed of since I could remember, and to happen like this on their last tour ever was the best.” In August Eric would yet again enter the studio to begin recording the follow up to Near Life Experience. Working again with long time coproducer Keith Rose would prove to be his best effort to date, Fractured Fairy Tales. The album would be plagued with many delays and setbacks. During all this turmoil, Eric packed his bags and guitar for the solo acoustic show circuit doing many singer songwriter showcases as well as hosting his own nights in L.A. and New York City.

2001: Continued on the same path that 2000 left off on, playing more acoustic dates while putting the finishing touches on Fractured Fairy Tales. In this year Eric would undergo even more changes and setbacks both personally and professionally.

2002: The tone has been set for what has become the anticipated follow-up to 1998's Near Life Experience. With 12 stunning new tracks Eric is ready to take his music to the next level. “I’ve learned that in life everything is not what it seems. People have these beliefs and preconceived notions; fairy tales of how certain things are and should be, including myself. We all of a sudden realize that that’s not the reality of our situation.” Some of Fractured Fairy Tales subject matter deals with such topics whether in a funny or sad way, nevertheless getting their points across. The album delves into different sonic territories this time around, while still keeping its rock based sound. The fuel charged “Flamenco” & “Crux of the Matter” are the aggressive sides to the album while “Silly Love Song” attests to the funny side of trying to find love. Then there are the poignant “Let Me Go” and “One of the Abused” the latter dealing with a story of a woman’s years of struggle with abuse and trying to break free. Working again with longtime co-producer and engineer Keith Rose (Aerosmith, R.E.M., Soul Asylum) this album is taken sonically, lyrically and musically to a whole different place. “This album is a quantum leap from the first one in every aspect,” says Knight. “Everything about it is much more cohesive. I’m extremely proud of this work and I’m curious to see the public’s reaction to it.” On the eve of the album’s release Eric opened a coveted slot for Aerosmith & Kid Rock on their summer tour. The year was capped off with an endorsement deal with Lace Guitars home to Korn, Eric Clapton, Aerosmith, Kid Rock and more...

2003 - 2009: Began with Eric’s quest for a new band line up in Los Angeles. After several years of various line-up changes, Eric settled in with his current line up complete with the addition of Forrest Robinson (Drums) and Daniele DeCario (Bass) and Greg Karagianis (Lead Guitar) With the completion of the new band Eric charged forward with shows in the hottest clubs in LA.

2009 - Present: Eric was named "Outstanding Male Solo Artist" in the 2008 Rock City News Awards show the Rockies. Votes came from the industry and music fans alike. With continuing showcases in the Los Angeles area Eric is now in the pre-production stages for his third album entitled Delusions Of Grandeur slated to be released later this year. Knight sums up this project simply: “This will be my most important album ever.”